Let Lynne and Alyson find your SHORTS!

We are HOURS away from the best end of summer dance blow out!
I know the anticipation is killing you! Right? Do you have your tickets? Better get them now. Like. now. go to this website and get them. GO! Click me!

We have two more dances for you to get even more excited!
First up is Alyson Jacques‘ trio! “Compass” is “A getaway [that] can alter your perspective on so many things; the directions on your compass can change in an instant; the people you are with remain constant.” This work was inspired by a recent trip made to California where Jacques was able to visit a friend and fellow dancer, Sara Link. They decided to virtually collaborate by exchanging videos, pictures and letters and the outcome is movement that you will see in “Compass“! How cool! (pictures below)

Next up is a duet by Lynne Price! Her second work is with one of our newest dancers, Lauren Christie! When asked about the work Price said, “We are working with a main score of “arrive, settle, depart” which in itself is extremely complex but we have several sub-scores as well which sculpt the piece. This score is so interesting because it illuminates the fact that everything is about perspective. What does it mean to arrive? arrive into what? for how long does arriving last? are our ideas and moments of arriving similar? etc…

I am so ready to see this and Alysons trio!

I know you are ready too! We will see you on Thursday @ 7:30pm.

See you on the dance floor!



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